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Strategic Systems Design. Nutrition Communications. Research Development. Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Food systems and nutrition science consultants nurturing next wave of innovation for our farms, oceans, and communities.

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Our food system needs disrupters.

With a world facing increasing climate change, economic uncertainty, social and racial injustice, and diet-sensitive disease, a new generation of outside-the-box systems thinkers is needed to address these complex inter-connected issues.

Join us in the effort to realize a vibrant and resilient global food system that works for all.


Bad Apple Consulting brings an interdisciplinary approach to deep-rooted challenges that burden our current food system. Drawing from training and experience in food entrepreneurship, nutrition research, strategic design, business communications, nutrition policy, and data analysis, we provide a well-stocked tool chest to help our clients tackle some of their most complex projects.

Why Bad Apple? We chose an apple because of its connotation with health and nutrition and a bad apple because innovators are known for shaking things up. We are excited to connect with each and every one of you and hope you will join us on this revolutionary journey to realize a vibrant, healthy, and equitable food system.

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